Fruit growing, all wrapped up.
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CherryAid nets can be used from early spring. Ensure the leaves and branches are free of pests and diseases before fitting. If ants, fruit flies, earwigs or caterpillars are a problem, grease bands can be applied under the ties for extra protection.

How To Fit
1.Undo the fastening strip and wrap the net around the branch. Thread the top cord through the red lock and pull tight.

2.Close the fastening strip from top to bottom. Thread and secure the bottom cord. 
3.Ensure the ties fit snugly around the branch at both ends. Check the fastening strip for gaps and adjust as necessary.
4.Open anywhere along the length at any time to check the fruit. It can be left to fully ripen on the tree, and can be picked over the course of a few days, eliminating wastage.