Fruit growing, all wrapped up.
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2. Wrap blossom in CherryAid nets to protect it from late frosts.
Remove the nets as soon as the frosts are over to allow for pollination.​
1. CherryAid nets can be used in early spring to protect the developing leaf and flower buds from hungry birds.
3. Apply CherryAid nets as soon as the fruit begins to colour (or earlier if the birds are showing an interest!).

4. The nets can be easily unwrapped and removed from the branch without damage to the ripe fruit underneath. Alternatively, the nets can be opened anywhere along their length and resealed so that fruit can be picked when required, reducing the chances of wastage.
5.CherryAid nets are not just for cherries! Use them to protect your peaches, plums, nectarines, figs and other fruits.