Fruit growing, all wrapped up.
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​Our innovative and unique wrap-around design means the CherryAid net can be fitted quickly and easily, without damage to the delicate fruit spurs. The soft plaited ties are gentle on the branches to safeguard against wounds caused by rubbing and constriction.

Suitable for use on cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines (and their hybrids such as pluots and apriums), and for fig trees and grape vines.

​​Birds and insects play a vital role in the organic food-growing ecosystem, helping to reduce numbers of greenfly, slugs, snails and other fruit and veg munching pests. Rather than covering the whole tree, CherryAid's branch net design protects the gardener's share while ensuring a valuable food source to encourage local wildlife into your garden or allotment.

​​The bird and squirrel-safe design greatly reduces the risk of entanglement and injury posed by traditional large-holed bird netting.

​​The layer of netting helps to trap warmed air close to the branch which creates a mini-greenhouse microclimate, encouraging faster ripening.

​Fruit can be picked while the net is still on the tree to eliminate the chance of it being damaged during removal. Or the net can be opened and resealed anywhere along its length to allow for staggered picking, to reduce the chances of fruit wastage.​​ Fruit can be left on the tree to ripen for maximum quality and flavour.

Fruit can be easily checked throughout the season by opening the re-sealable strip. ​​

CherryAid branch wraps are so easy to put on and remove, they can also be used as frost protection for blossom and to shield new buds in the spring.

Carefully researched and tested since 2006, the finely woven lightweight netting helps to keep out the smallest of insects (including fruit flies), while being strong enough to withstand the elements and the attentions of larger garden wildlife such as squirrels.

The net sizing is generous (the net is 1m long with an approximate diameter of 30cm), leaving room for the fruit to grow and to allow good circulation of air around the leaves. The nets can be bunched up on shorter branches or multiple nets can be used on long branches.

​​The nets are durable enough to be reused over several seasons, and are machine washable.​​